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DBNPA Chemical

We offer the superior quality of DBNPA Chemical.

  • Exact composition
  • Accurately formulated
  • Purity



  • CAS NO: 55295-98-2
  • Purity: 50%
  • Assay: 95 %min
  • Melting Point: 122 - 125°C
  • Moisture: 0.5 %max
  • pH (1% in water):  Between 4.0 to 7.0


  • DBNPA is white crystals, mp. 125ºC, soluble in acetone. Polyethylene glycol, benzene, ethanol and the like. It's stable in acidic conditions and decomposed under alkaline conditions or in the presence of hydrogen sulfide it's an efficient germicide for recycling water system, can Penetrate in the catalyst of microbes quirky and kill them by reacting with some Proteins in it, Stopping the Redox of cells. DBNPA has a good stripping property, little poison, and no foam in the system. The organic solutions can miscible with water.

  • Character White crystal powder
  • Assay 99 %min
  • Melting Point 122 -126°C
  • Moisture 0.5 %max
  • pH (1% in water) Between 4.0 to 7.0
  • CAS No: 10222-01-2
  • Molecular Formula: C3H2N2OBr2

  • It is a high-efficiency antiseptic bactericide, widely used as water treating agent, bactericide and algaecide for industrial circulating water and industrial cooling water, pulp treatment in paper making industry and as pharmaceutical intermediate, etc. Also used in paper industry and as preservatives for coatings and slurries and to control microbial fouling in paper mills and process water systems.

  • 25kgs Fiber Drum / HDPE Carboy



  • Purity: 85%
  • Assay: 90 %min
  • Melting Point: 110 - 120°C
  • Moisture: 0.53 %max
  • pH (1% in water):  Between 4.0 to 8.0
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