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Allantoin Chemical

  • Appearance Allantoin is supplied as crystals or crystalline powder, which may vary from white to almost white in color depending on the grade of material being offered.
  • Melting Point: As a pure material, Allantoin has a melting point of about 225º C. However due to its tautomeric characteristics, Allantoin is outstandingly useful additive for a range of pharmaceutical and cosmetics products.
  • Allantoin is used as an active ingredient for the cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries. An interesting and no less important property of Allantoin is its beneficial influence on skin moisture.
  • Solubility: Allantoin is soluble in 10 volume of water.
  • Stability: Allantoin is stable under normal temperature and pressure.

  • CAS No: 97-59-6
  • Molecular Formula: C4H6N4O3
  • Appearance: White Crystalline Powder
  • Assay: 99 %min
  • Melting Point: 224 - 230°C
  • Loss on drying: 0.1 %max
  • Sulfated Ash: NMT0.1%
  • Optical Rotation: Between -0.1°to +0.1°
  • pH (0.5% in water): Between 4.0 to 6.0

  • It is widely used in cosmetics and skin care products like Facial Lotions and Creams, Hand and Body Lotions and creams, After sun Lotions, Aftershave Balms, Baby cream and lotion, Anti Dandruff Shampoos, Bath and shower Gels, Mouthwash and Toothpaste.
  • It is also used in Pharmaceutical and dermatology.

  • 5 Kgs, 10 Kgs, 25Kgs Fiber Drum /HDPE Carboy

Allantoin BP

With a rich industrial experience, we are engaged in offering the high quality of Allantoin BP that acts like a relief agent.


  • Quality assured
  • Accurate composition
  • Highly demanded


Sr. No.TestsSpecificationsObservation
1DescriptionWhite fine powder.White fine powder.
Slightly soluble in water and very slightly soluble in alcoholComplies
3IdentificationTest for IRPasses
4Melting PointIt melts at about 225°C with decomposition224°C
5PH (0.5% aqueous solution)4.0 to 6.54.8
6Acidity or alkalinityAs per BPComplies
7Optical RotationBetween -0.10° to +0.10°0
8Reducing SubstanceAs per BP
9Sulphated ashNMT 0.1%0.06%
10ChlorideNMT 0.005%Complies
11SulphateNMT 0.1%0.0002
12IronNMT 0.001%
13SulphatesNMT 0.02%Complies
14Related Substances By TLCi) Urea: Not more than 0.5%Complies
15Loss on dryingNMT 0.1%0.0005
16Assay by Potentiometric TitrationBetween 98.5% to 101.0%0.994


  • They have been used in cosmetic products and oral products to give instant and long lasting change
  • They are diligently packed and are known for the qualities they impart
  • They help in curing burns and ulcer related problems
  • The product is used as an antibacterial for cosmetic preparations such as shaving creams, hand lotions, face creams

Allantoin IP

We are the best manufacturer of Allantoin IP that acts like a relief agent.


Sr. No.TestsSpecificationsObservation
A White or almost white crystalline powder.White fine powder
Slightly soluble in water and very slightly soluble in alcohol.Complies
3Identification :By IRComplies
4Melting pointIt melts at about 225°C with decomposition.About 226°C
5PH (0.5% in water)Between 4.0 to 6.05.81
6Sulphated AshNMT 0.1%0.01%
7Loss on dryingNMT 0.3%0.14%
8Assay by Titration (ODB)Not less than 98.5%99.30%

Allantoin Powder

  • Assay: 95 %min
  • Melting Point: 220 - 230°C
  • Loss on drying: 0.11 % max
  • Sulfated Ash: NMT0.11%
  • Optical Rotation: Between -0.11°to +0.1°
  • pH (0.5% in water): Between 4.0 to 5.0


  • Assay: 97 %min
  • Melting Point: 210 - 230°C
  • Loss on drying: 0.12 %max
  • Sulfated Ash: NMT0.12 %
  • Optical Rotation: Between -0.1°to +0.1°
  • pH (0.5% in water): Between 4.0 to 8.0
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